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Messy workspaces

Can you or can't you?

This is genuis at work. Yes, that's Karl Lagerfeld in his Paris Studio, as pictured in the September issue of Vogue magazine.

How you feel about this mess? Do you think maybe it was staged? He has this beautiful workspace and there he is, sketching away on about a square foot of surface.

I admit, in school and grad school days, my research would pile up. Most of my writing would be on a computer in recent years, so I didn't need much of a writing space. But at times the clutter would give me the heeby jeebies and it would just have to go!

At the fabric shop, too, sometimes the deliveries outpaced our ability to do our paperwork and "priority" #1 was getting the delivery put away, so the office desks held more than desks should hold. Then add in the merchandise samples, orders, things we were pondering...well, that's why we spent Sundays working behind the scenes!

Those of us who sew have to have a space large enough to lay out patterns and directions, along with our fabric. It could be the dining table, a counter, the floor, or even a bed. Then that can be scooped up and put away, but what about all the "inspiration" we collect along the way? How does that accumulate and does it interfere with our actual workflow?

Let us know what you think? The inspirational clutter, or no clutter?

Posted by ExqFab Admin Thursday, August 16, 2018 9:27:00 AM Categories: design inspiration Fall 2018 Lagerfeld Vogue magazine